Material for athletic events usually has very tight deadlines. Who knew you were going to make the playoffs? ALDI Design specializes in consolidating information from wildly different sources and producing organized and attractive layouts in record time.

Athletics publications are a throw-away piece for some and an archival piece for others – either way, sponsors still love to see their logos and advertisements printed. Programs, media guides and posters can be powerful tools for engagement when used in conjunction with e-media.


Carleton University Basketball Trading Cards
Trading Cards
Trading cards are a great way to build support and enthusiasm for your team by involving leagues and schools. Combine them with a sponsor and a contest involving the collection of autographs, or consider using a QR code.


CIS Final 8 Program
The CIS Final 8 Program is especially challenging because the last participating team is decided on a Sunday night. The program needs to be delivered to the printer Monday morning in order that copies be ready for Thursday's tip-off.
UFV Media Guide
Media Guides
When a team makes the playoffs, a Media Guide is a must, partly to satisfy tournament requirements, but mostly as a way to remember an amazing season.

Schedule Card
Schedule Cards
Better on the refrigerator door than lost in cyberspace.