A logo provides the foundation for an identity, and in a world where everything and everyone is a "brand", it's more important than ever that the foundation be sound. A logo needs to be distinctive, evocative and flexible enough to be used in a growing number of media.

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ALDI Design logo
ALDI Design
ALDI Design, named after partners Alex Loshak (graphic design and photography) and Diane Johnson (editing and transcription)

Quadrant Software logo
Quadrant Software

Project 01b

Project 01b
Ottawa Childrens Choir

Project 01b
Charles Conway
Computer Consultant

Project 01b
Wayne Nichol
Music Promoter

Project 01b
The Federal Identity Program was much abused until we redrew all 120 departments in three type weights with English and French versions. Service Canada is my favourite.

Project 01b
Conference Logos

Conference logos are special. Sometimes a client has a specific list of elements to include – often ones that can only be identified by a limited audience. Titles are often long enough to be unwieldy. More so when they need to be bilingual. Even more so when multiple congresses are combined. Acronyms are popular.

(logos from top to bottom)

International Marine Biotechnology Conference / Conférence internationale en biotechnologie marine
International Society for Clinical Biostatistics / Société internationale pour la biostatistique clinique
International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics / Congrès international de mécanique théoretique et appliquée

By happy coincidence, the science of quantum dots uses a graphic, with a meaning known only to those in the field, that complements the mountainous background of the venue.