In a digital world, printed material can still serve a purpose, whether it's promoting a website or documenting history.


DND displays
Great photography makes an impact. These thirty-six inch square, backlit panels were two of a series used to promote the Canadian Forces at the Paris Air Show.


CAEL Brochure
Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment
Please click here to view the four-page PDF (685 KB)
Bird Richard
Brochures & Newsletters
Bird Richard is a boutique firm specializing in labour and employment law. The firm uses brochures and newsletters to keep current and prospective clients informed, and to use at conferences and seminars. Emplawyers’ Update has been distributed quarterly since 2002.

EUCE Posters
European Union Centres of Excellence in Canada (EUCE)
These posters for the were redesigned and colour-coded to correspond with their programs. Click here to view the Best Practices brochure.


Art in the City
The local arts community is active, varied and talented. Sponsorship space sold out very quickly, which allowed for an 8 x 17 inch brochure that can double as a window display; and various posters and banners for print and web. We’ll need a bigger brochure next year.

Residentially Challenged book
Limited edition book
Only two copies of this book were printed – one to keep and one for our contractor.
Please click here to view book (PDF | 7MB)